Infusion Set Consumer

Applied Diabetes Research introduces the 90 degree infusion set brand of insulin infusion sets, heralding the next generation in infusion set design, comfort and wearability.

Comfort – The unique shaping process of the introducer needle results in a sharper and smoother point for easier, more comfortable insertions. And, the flexible, non-metal cannula improves site comfort during use. The breathable, water resistant dressing holds tight, yet stretches and moves with your body during daily activities.

Wearability – The 90 degree insulin infusion set features one of the thinnest profiles on the market today, making it nearly invisible – even under tight fitting clothing.

Ease of Use – The 90 degree insulin infusion set connector design makes it simple to use, even if the infusion site is in a hard-to-see area. The self-sealing design doesn’t require a cap or additional connector to seal the infusion site when disconnected from the pump.